Board of Trustees

Dr. Bruce Lee, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Lee has 25 years of industrial experience in R&D and process/customer engineering applications of materials technologies for electronic, aerospace, automotive/ceramic, and chemical industries.

Mr. Steve Gramme

Mr. Gramme is a business executive with 20 years of experience in business consulting and strategic planning for Fortune 100 global organizations in the high tech, information, legal, academic, entertainment, real estate and finance industries

Dr. John Austin

Dr. Austin has 20 years of experience in medical practice working with a globally recognized provider.

Mr. Steve Hsiang

Mr. Hsiang has 20 years of marketing and technical support experience with fortune 500 company.

Dr. Sara Saedinia

Dr. Saedinia has 4 years of experience as Director of Innovation and Product Manager for leading biotech company.

Dr. Steve Fisher

Dr. Fisher has 25 years of experience in both higher education for recognized accredited institutions and field experience as an Accounting Consultant.

Ms. Joanna H. Cho

Dr. Cho has over 30 years of financial reporting, payroll, and accounting in private, non-profit, and government agencies and currently is the Accountant III for the L.A. County Development Authority.

Ms. Tiffanie Archie

Tiffanie Archie has extensive marketing, project management, and relationship development experience mostly focusing on international markets. 

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