Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

20 courses, 60 units

Course # Course Name
Courses offered in Fall semester Year One
BA 300 Introduction to Economics
BA 301 Introduction to Business Communications
BA 302 Introduction to Business Statistics
BA 303 Introduction to Management
BA 304 Introduction to Management Information Systems
Courses offered in Spring semester Year One
BA 305 Introduction to Accounting
BA 306 Introduction to Finance
BA 307 Introduction to Marketing
BA 308 Introduction to International Business
BA 309 Business Law
Courses offered in the Fall semester Year Two
BA 310 Introduction to Human Resources Management
BA 401 Data base Management Systems
BA 403 Cost Accounting
BA 404 Investment Principles
BA 405 International Marketing
Courses offered in Spring semester Year Two
BA 406 Leadership and Motivation in Organizations
BA 407 Operations Planning and Control
BA 408 Supply Chain Management
BA 409 Intermediate Financial Management
BA 410 Project Management

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