Mission & History 

Our mission is to inspire students with innovative ideas and business intelligence to prepare them to excel in a dynamic global business environment. The university aspires to attain its mission by offering small size classes with less than 20 students that are taught by professors and leading industry professionals with years of experience. Our curriculum is up-to-date to meet today’s business needs.  Currently, our professors hold Ph.D. degrees and have taught at accredited universities. This pairing of small classes with quality professors creates an ideal learning environment that supports a curriculum built on developing a highly skilled and versatile business professional.

Virscend University offers a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program. The MBA program is designed to meet the personal needs of currently working professionals who require convenient school hours and a pace that can accommodate their ambitious goals. Therefore, our program offers evening courses with a 12-month pace. Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BS) program is also designed with the students in mind. Our undergraduate 2-year program accommodates the financial concerns of talented students who are seeking to invest in their growth but who may be deterred by the high cost in quality education. In order to support talent, the university has made a conscious effort to deliver quality with an affordable price. As a result, the university has a financially competitive program.

Virscend University is part of Virscend Education Company Limited schools. Virscend Education Co Ltd currently owns a total of 16 educational institutions including fifteen K-12 schools and 1 four-year college with a total student population of  more than 38,000 (Feb. 14, 2019). Virscend Education Co Ltd is the largest private educational organization in southern China with nationwide recognition for its innovative and high performing graduates. Many schools of Virscend Education Co Ltd have placed students in renowned universities in China and all over the world, which include Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Harvard University, MIT, UC-Berkeley, UC-Irvine, CSU-Long Beach, CSUF, UCLA and many others. 

As part of Virscend Education Co Ltd, Virscend University aspires to fulfill its parent company’s commitment to quality education. Therefore, Virscend University prides itself on its effort of building a high-quality education validated by WSCUC. As we speak, our leadership team is working hard on obtaining its accreditation and we are confident in our efforts. Our leadership team also ensures that we comply with the California Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education.


Virscend University will be the University of choice for aspiring business professionals who are dedicated to succeed in the business world.



Inspire students with innovative ideas and business intelligence to prepare them to excel in a dynamic global environment.



Innovation, Inspiration, and Intelligence.



1. To provide equal educational opportunities for all students with educational needs

2. To develop student’s rich knowledge, personality and cooperativeness to create opportunities for their future success

3. To inspire students with innovative and state-of-the-art technologies

4. To prepare students to engage in a diverse global environment

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