Refund Policy

A pro rata refund pursuant to section 94910(c) or 94920(d) or 94927 of the BPPE code shall be applied to students who have completed 60 % of the clock hours of instruction in any given period of attendance. The amount refunded will be the total amount paid by the student for the academic semester minus the portion of the educational program that was provided. The calculation is as follows:

The amount owed equals the total amount paid for tuition minus the daily charge for the program (total institutional charge, divided by the number of days or hours in the program), multiplied by the number of days the student attended, or was scheduled to attend, prior to withdrawal.

No refunds are due once the student has received more than 60% (9 weeks) of the clock hours of instruction in any given period of attendance. For purposes of determining a refund, a student shall be considered to have withdrawn from an educational program when he or she withdraws or is deemed withdrawn in accordance with the withdrawal policy.

See Virscend University’s Catalog for more information.


                           Withdrawal in the:         Refund Amount

                               (minus the Registration Fee)

First weeks 100%
Second week 100%
Third week 66%
Fourth week 55%
Fifth week 44%
Sixth week  33%
Seventh week  22%
Eighth week  11%
Ninth week No Refund


*NOTE: The above percentages are estimates. They are subject to change depending on the day of submission for withdrawal.

*Students are not permitted to withdraw after the ninth week without the approval from admissions office.

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